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April 19, 2012

Greetings, fellow charter members of The Post-PC Generation! God, can you even remember what it was like back in the pre-Post-PC days? I came across a photo of myself from olden times and I was sitting in front of something with a screen and a keyboard and a mouse. I was wearing these ridiculous bellbottom dungarees and a Swatch watch and crazy-stupid-big sideburns. I couldnât even believe it was me!

Slow-roast revolution

Whatever we want to call it weâre definitely in some sort of slow-roast revolution. I can tell because over the past six months, Iâve let go of my last shreds of desire for an 11in MacBook Air.

You may recall the little passion play I went through last year. I had a review unit for a month or two and the first time I travelled with a full-featured MacBook in the magazine pocket of my smallest satchel instead of in a special bag filled with accessories, I fell deeply in lust. I might have pulled the trigger and bought one, if not for the fact that Iâd upgraded my MacBook Pro just a few months earlier.

Two things have happened since then. First, iOS app developers have become much bolder. On Day One, they were writing apps that treated the iPad as a content consumption device. By the time the iPad 2 was released, they thought of it as a machine that could handle many functions of a ârealâ computer, during those specific instances when itâs just not worth hauling around a full-sized notebook…

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